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    Tony Ward’s photographic imagery unites his primal love, erotic art, with his perennial passions for fashion, art and current events. Ward began his professional career as a corporate photographer in 1980 for pharmaceutical giant Smithkline Corporation. After working at Smithkline for four years, he opened the Tony Ward Studio in 1984: to service a variety of Fortune 500 companies and smaller business entities.


    Tony Ward Photographer Circa 1977


    Tony achieved global notoriety for his first published book on erotic photography, the controversial and highly praised OBSESSIONS in 1998. The monograph was followed by four more challenging, innovative and critically acclaimed volumes on eroticism and photography at the turn of the century. Scholars that specialize in the history and aesthetics of photography: such as A.D. Coleman, Rick Wester and Reinhold Misselbeck have written illuminating essays that accompany the artist published works.

    Ward’s fine art prints are widely collected, exhibited and syndicated around the world. He makes his home and studio in the historic heart of Philadelphia, but his unending quest for inspiring subjects and newsworthy posts compels him to divide his travels between diverse cosmopolitan centers from Los Angeles, Miami, New York, London, Hamburg, Paris and his beloved Amsterdam.


    He turned his attention to Ivy League academia in the fall of 2010, where he began teaching Introduction to Photography at the University of Pennsylvania. In the fall of 2011, TW offered a new course, Photography and Fashion at Penn.

    Graphic meditations on his favorite themes; Erotica and the application of sex in media compelled him to start a web log in August of 2009 with publishing partner Dan Brouse. Editorials about Tony Ward and his work have been published in numerous international popular culture magazines, books and television. A partial listing includes: STERN, MAX, COSMOPOLITAN, GQ, LOADED, MEN'S HEALTH, PENTHOUSE, NERVE, COSMOPOLITAN, PLAYBOY TV, RTL TV - GERMANY, TVA TELEVISION - AMSTERDAM, ABC - AMERICAN BROADCASTING GROUP, NBC - NATIONAL BROADCASTING GROUP, SALON.COM.


    The Tony Ward Studio welcomes your comments, contributions and submissions. Email: media@tonywardstudio.com. Drawing of Tony Ward by Hungarian artist Krysta, Copyright 2009

    Photo: Alejandra Guerrero - Los Angeles 2010